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Recent texts/media (selected):

Erin Lawlor,

exhibition catalogue 

Introduction essay by Dr. Grant Vetter

publication Miles McEnery Gallery

New York 2022

all rights reserved

ISBN 978-1-949327-65-6




In conversation with Erin Lawlor,

w/ Louise Martin-Chew (video),

Art Collector Australia, March 2020


In conversation with Erin Lawlor (video),

ArtNews, June 2019 


Erin Lawlor, entre chien et loup,

exhibition catalogue 

Introduction essay by Davide Ferri

publication Luca Tommasi Arte Contemporanea

Milan 2021

all rights reserved


Erin Lawlor,

exhibition catalogue 

Introduction essay by Zoë Miller

publication Miles McEnery Gallery

New York 2019

all rights reserved

ISBN 978-1-949327-14-4


Erin Lawlor: like blood flowing to and from the heart,

Jennifer Rose Bonilla-Edginton on Two coats of paint, July 2019

In and out of the Fold, Erin Lawlor at Miles McEnery Gallery,

Patti Jordan on Arte Fuse, July 2019.

Interview with Brian Alfred, Sound and Vision podcast, July 2019

Erin Lawlor chez Pauline Pavec, in La République de l’Art, June 2018:

Erin Lawlor/Bram van Velde at Galerie Pauline Pavec in Telerama, June 2018,-bram-van-velde-lechappee-belle,n5676702.php

Alla prima, conversation Erin Lawlor/Liat Yossifor, Art Section, 2018

Erin Lawlor, onomatopoeia,

exhibition catalogue 

Preface by Deanna Sirlin

interview w/ Françoise Caille

publication London Art Books

with Mark Rothko Art Centre

Daugavpils, 2017

ISBN: 978-1-5272-0807-0 







Erin Lawlor, pp 78-81 in Elephant magazine, spring 2017  

Erin Lawlor at Rod Barton Brussels

Erin Lawlor and Jenny Bloomfield face their struggles, Kenneth Baker review, San Francisco Chronicle, 2013

Zachary Royer reviews Erin Lawlor @ George Lawson Gallery, Art Practical, 2013

Erin Lawlor studio film by Calvin Walker, 2013, on vimeo


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